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for release 7.0.0

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Frequently Asked Questions

What plans are there to include additional information in future releases?
Changes and additions are based strongly on customer feedback.  Please submit ideas and describe the value to the user community.

May I copy the book for more than one person?
No.  The manual is copyrighted and must not be copied. We respectfully request that you honor the copyright and use our multiple copy discounts if you need several copies.  A great deal of time has gone into producing a limited number of copies of the manual.

Can I use the Data Dictionary for an Oracle, SQLBase, or AS-400 back end?
Beginning with release 7.0.0, the Data Dictionary is specifically written for Microsoft SQL Server, however the basic application scheme is applicable for any database.  Some of the support tables, and nomenclature is different with Oracle, SQLBase, or AS-400.  Most users find they can work within these limitations.

Is there a maintenance fee?
No.  Future upgrades will be offered to current Data Dictionary owners at a special price.  You will be automatically notified by e-mail of new version availability.

What if I have a previous release of VISUAL?
A limited number of copies of Data Dictionaries for previous versions of VISUAL are available.  Most users find that they still are able to use the newer version of the Dictionary until they upgrade their software.

Are discounts available if I purchase multiple copies or have recently purchased a previous version of the Data Dictionary?
Yes, we offer special pricing in both of these cases.  Upgrade prices are posted where available.  Please contact us to inquire about quantity discounts.