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Take 2

Our Unique Approach

Most other approaches to data cleansing assume all the data is good, and look for bad items to be modified or purged.  With this type of approach, hidden errors and unwanted data is still left behind where it can continue to cause problems.

Our approach starts by assuming all the data in your VISUAL database is bad.  Then the good data is identified and those elements are lifted out and pumped over to a new, empty database.  This is what we call the "bowling pin approach" - we pick up the known good pins and sweep away everything else.  This approach has the highest probability that the new database will not be tainted with unwanted, erroneous, or otherwise bad data.  It is the same as starting with a brand new database, but then importing the historical data you want to preserve.

The Virant Group has been rebuilding customer databases using this approach for years.  We have developed the tools and procedures allowing us to offer this highly labor intensive service as a standard, cost effective guided solution that does not require on-site consultations or visits.  We call it Take 2.

Guidelines to Our Approach

  • We provide you with our Take 2 Conversion Portal to help orchestrate the entire project
  • We use many structured, hierarchical scripts so each conversion is reproducible, relying on minimal manual manipulation of data
  • We allow several simultaneous connections to over 110 disparate data sources
  • We can transform data midstream as it is pumped from the old to the new database
  • We convert data without disabling any triggers or breaking any logical business rules
  • We allow massive renaming of data by using spreadsheets that map the old to the new
  • We do comprehensive testing after each iteration so you see the exact results before committing the new database to your live database
  • On-site consultations are not required
  • We offer weekend and holiday availability for the live conversion to minimize work disruptions

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