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Take 2

Guidelines for Using Take 2

Our Take 2 is a good choice for companies that are growing increasingly dissatisfied with their databases, but do not want the expense and inconvenience of re-implementing or buying a new ERP system.  By the nature of our unique approach there is some risk of losing data. Therefore, it is better suited for those who can balance this risk with the benefits.  A back-up of the old database minimizes this risk.

Take 2 is best if you:

  • Are dissatisfied with your current database
  • Cannot endure the expense and inconvenience of re-implementing
  • Are willing to balance the risk and the benefits
  • See no other solution to your dilemma other than to explore a new ERP system

Take 2 is probably not best if you:

  • Have a new implementation and/or are not yet familiar with Infor ERP VISUAL
  • Have a database that is reasonably free of errors
  • Are satisfied with your naming schemes
  • Can successfully use the Infor ERP VISUAL purging utilities
  • Cannot risk losing any information


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