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Version 1.1

Buy V-Ferret 1.1 $1795 + Subscription

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V-Ferret is a must have for all VISUAL users who have encountered issues like conflicting reports, unexpected month end results, and missing data. Accountants and other non-technical users can run predefined tests on the VISUAL database to help ferret out erroneous and inconsistent data.


  • Increase your confidence that VISUAL data is accurate.
  • Easily get to the root of all data changes.

Subscription Option

V-Ferret 1.1 comes with Test Package 201301.

Purchase our annual V-Ferret subscription and receive new and updated tests when new Test Packages become available at no additional cost. Subscribers will get automatic notifications when updates are available.

Find out what tests are available


Requires VISUAL Enterprise 6.3.8 - 7.0.0.
At this time V-Ferret will not run with VISUAL 7.1.
Tests deployed after Test Package 201301 will only be certified for use with VISUAL 6.5.1 or greater and SQL Server.

Some tests will not work with VISUAL Global Financials.

V-Ferret is currently only available for SQL Server and SQLBase.