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Version 3.4

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Why do routine Infor ERP VISUAL tasks manually when V-Launcher will do them automatically?  Use V-Launcher for regular processing of predefined VISUAL tasks.  Once V-Launcher is configured, it automatically launches.


  • Save time and money each day by automatically launching routine VISUAL tasks
  • Reduce processing delays or omissions by specifying and scheduling the exact frequency and times
  • Eliminate user selection errors by configuring options once and saving
  • Complete turn-key solution, does not require writing any macros
  • More reliable than writing custom scripts

What's New

  • Automate the generation and printing of Invoices
  • Automate the posting and printing of A/R Invoice Journals
  • Automate the printing of Post Manufacturing Journals
  • Ability to save Post Manufacturing Journals as a file that is date specific
  • Ability to save Inventory Valuation Report as a file that is date specific
  • Ability to write logs to local file or VISUAL program file
  • Compatible with VISUAL 6.5.1 - 7.0.0* and 7.1.1 with a single site
  • Increased time-out for Costing Utilities from 1.5 to 15 hours


  • * Known issues with VISUAL 7.0.0 without the SP3 update may result in unpredictable behaviors when used with V-Launcher. V-Launcher 3.4 will only be fully supported with VISUAL 7.0.0 with SP3. Not certified for use with Project or Aerospace & Defense versions of VISUAL.
  • V-Launcher cannot be run within a virtual environment.
  • Workstation must be unlocked with an active user session at the time of a scheduled V-Launcher task.

Other Versions Available

Previous versions of this software product are no longer available.