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Data Dictionary
for release 7.1.1

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  • Over 1,700 pages in 3 volumes and 8 sections
  • Electronic PDF delivery
  • Microsoft SQL Server database centric
  • Relational models diagram the relationships between tables in logical functional areas
  • Table of foreign keys sorted by both master and detail
  • List of all columns throughout the database
  • Defines naming conventions for tables and columns
  • List of all Infor ERP VISUAL reports and their respective file names
  • Over 600 window maps describe where each data element is stored
  • Table definitions details each table's columns, indexes and triggers


Infor ERP VISUAL is a suite of products designed to meet the needs of businesses in many industries. In addition to the core functionality of VISUAL Manufacturing, Infor offers a number of optional programs, components, and modules which allow a company the flexibility to tailor its ERP software suite to the specific needs of its business or industry. The following table shows which products, components, and modules are documented in this Data Dictionary:

From the standpoint of a user of Infor ERP VISUAL, it is sometimes helpful to not think in terms of which module provides for functionality in a certain area, but which features are available for use. The table that follows lists the features available in the various components of Infor ERP VISUAL and whether they are documented in this Data Dictionary:

This dictionary documents the core components of Infor ERP VISUAL which utilize the standard database for Microsoft SQL Server. Some components of Infor ERP VISUAL, as well as VISUAL Global Financials, VISUAL Payroll, and VISUAL Human Resources, utilize separate databases; these are not included in this dictionary. This dictionary does not document Project Management or Aerospace and Defense versions of VISUAL.

An optional add-on resource dedicated to report documentation is available. It is called the Reports Dictionary. A separate dictionary for the VISUAL Global Financials database is also available here.